Message From the President

My name is Jeremy Klein, President of Horizontal Well Drillers, an oil and gas drilling contractor, based out of Purcell, OK. We have designed a new state of the art automated super single drilling rig that has the capacity to drill wells up to 15,000 ft total vertical depth (TVD), or a 20,000 ft combined vertical and horizontal depth. We are currently drilling in Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas and Mexico to depths as deep as 10,000’ TVD with 10,000 ft laterals, and as shallow as 1,500 ft TVD and 7,500 ft laterals.

Our flagship line of rigs, the HWD 1200, has 500,000 lbs of pulling capacity with a 250 ton top-drive, which features 26,000 lbs of torque. HWD rigs have a patent pending telescopic derrick.  When fully extended, it allows a total of 70 ft between the blocks and floor. Our rigs have plenty of room for picking up extended bottom hole assemblies and have no problem running casing with casing assist tools (CRT’s). Our ROP is as high as 90% at the end of some wells and steering is easier with our patent pending wiggle steer technology. HWD’s rigs bit trip time ranges from 1,000 ft to 1,500 ft per hour.

HWD has its own trucking fleet to move our rigs with over 55 haul trucks and all other equipment needed to complete the move quickly and efficiently. HWD’s rig moves cost less than half of other contractors, due to only having 24 semi loads to move the complete rig. Our rigs can also be skidded across a multiple well pads and can be spudding the next hole in less than 12 hours.

Because of the advances in technology, we’ve had clients tell us that we are saving them up to 35% on overall well cost by using HWD rigs in lieu of other drilling contractors. An HWD rig saves our clients on mobilization cost, rig up and rig down cost, and also drill pad size. Overall client savings, excellent well drilling time, and a focus on safety has made us a leader in horizontal drilling. HWD is the future of well drilling because our rigs safely save our client’s money.

If you have any interest in this, I would like to set up a time that I could discuss possible business opportunities with you.


Jeremy Klein
Horizontal Well Drillers

2915 Hwy 74 S
Purcell, OK 73080
Tel: (405) 527-1232
[email protected]

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