HWD 1000

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  • 102 ft. free-standing telescopic derrick mounted on 6 axle motorized carrier
  • 500,000 lb. hook load capacity
  • 250 ton top drive with 24,000lbs of torque with 1000hp drawworks with dual 42” by 12” Lewis Brakebands and Kobelt 48” water circulated disc assist brake system
  • Drill cabin is 25ft, heavily insulated, and climate controlled
  • State of the art drill console with proprietary wiggle steer
  • Features 6 rig cameras to observe vital systems for rig cabin
  • Powered by 2-14 liter Detroit engines for a total of 1300 hp
  • Tandem F-1600 pumps powered by 1550hp engines
  • 18,000 foot drilling depth
  • Very mobile — One day rig up — one day rig down with low moving cost
  • No lay down machine needed
  • BOP trolley system
  • Rotary table beam capacity of 750,000lbs
  • The ability to rotate pipe while drilling
  • Safety — Minimized roughneck assistance. 99% self-automated
  • When tripping pipe or making connection no roughnecks are needed on the floor
  • One rig from start to completion
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