Support Equipment

HWD Iron Roughneck

Hydraulic iron roughneck use the same head for multiple strands of pipes. It is operated from the safety of the drill cab and has 50,000 lb makeup and a 75,000 lb break out. This powerful unit is compact, saving space on the rig floor and decreases the amount of time needed for each pipe connection, while increasing the overall safety of the drilling operation.

HWD Automatic Pipe Handling System

The pipe handler that comes with every rig increases safety and saves time. The pipe handler is automatic and no roughneck assistance is needed. The unit can lift various sizes of drill pipe, ranging from 2 3/8” to 7 5/8,” drill collars from 3” to 8,” and casing from 2 7/8” to 16.”

With a 6500lb rating, these units can handle even weighted drill collars, without making any changes to the system.

They are self-leveling and come with adjustable hydraulic pipe racks. The pipe racks can be tilted toward or away from the pipe handler when going into or out of the hole for easy handling of drill pipe.

HWD Triplex Pumps

In addition to technologically advanced drilling rigs, HWD strives to put in the field the most capable support equipment for each and every rig. This includes custom mud pump skids ranging from 1000hp to 1600hp Triplex pumps. These pumps can be run in a single, double or triple configuration.

These pump skids are easy to hookup and are mounted with camera systems which can be viewed from the state of the art drilling cabin. This ensures full time monitoring of the pumps to ensure minimal downtime. Whatever the need of the client may be, HWD has the right pumps to match the right rig to be successful.

HWD 650 Barrel Mud Pits

HWD rigs come with top of the line 650 barrel mud pits built on a ground bearing trailer, these pits are fitted with 2 scalper shakers, and four 60hp 6x5 centrafuse pumps.

Combining these with HWD's triplex pumps produces a powerful closed mud circulating system perfect for any drilling situation.


Each rig setup comes with two 365KW generators, which powers all electrical systems, including camera monitoring, computer, and lighting systems for safety. this is a redundant system and can be switched to the backup generator quickly and safely for minimal downtime.

HWD Truck Fleet

HWD employs its own truck fleet with drivers who are familiar with the compact location footing and experienced in moving all of HWD’s rigs. This makes for a quick and effiecient rig up and rig down. Employing a full line of trucks, whether it is winch trucks, triple axle, or double axle, along with a full fleet of trailers and support equipment, HWD is equipped for a effecient and quick rig moves.

With only 8 permitted loads required for a rig move, rigging up and rigging down can be completed in 1 day. This is also accomplished on the industries smallest rig footprint, which is 200' x 200'.

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