• Long horizontal laterals at shallow depths (500')
  • Laterals have been successfully drilled out to over 9,000 ft.
  • ROP (Rate of Penetration) remains as high as 80% while drilling long laterals
  • Pushes and pulls 330,000 lbs.
  • Wiggle steer technology 
  • Allows curves and laterals to be drilled faster
  • Drilling shallow laterals at depths conventional rigs can not
  • Very mobile - one day rig up - one day rig down with low moving cost
  • No lay down machines needed
  • Tool joints are less likely to be caught in keyseats downhole due to the ability to rotate drill pipe while tripping
  • Safety - minimized roughneck assistance - 99% self automated when tripping pipe or making a connection
  • One rig from start to completion
  • No rat/mouse hole needed
  • No cranes needed to rig up or rig down
  • Built in autodial feature using 3PS torque tension sub
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